Fort Wayne Courthouse, Indiana

Here are some columns me and my assistant have made in my design studio during 2015. From left to right: Lapiz lazuli traditional, Leopard skin granite traditional, Malachite traditional, Portoro traditional, Porphyry traditional, Verte antico marezzo, Sienna marezzo.

The Fort Wayne Courthouse was one of the largest restoration and creation jobs I ever completed. We restored a massive amount of marezzo scagliola in the building that contains more marezzo then any other building in the world. It took about three years. It also contains many, many types of this marezzo scagliola, with different styles and colour schemes in nearly every room.

Trenton, New Jersey

The Wurzburg Residenz

Here you will find a gallery of various types and designs of scagliola.

With this particular restoration job, I was lucky to meet Earl Felber who was 80 at the time. Earl had worked for Louis Bloom who created the scagliola in this building in 1902. This meeting shed some light on how work was done in that time. We had to match our new panels to the existing scagliola Louis had created.

Some very unique traditional scagliola of original style and decoration in the pink lounge in  Rundale Palace, Latvia. It looks like something a home designer would come up with.

A detail shot of some traditional malachite I created. The swirling lines match the patterns on real malachite very well.

There is many famous buildings filled with scagliola, these are only some examples of these buildings, and work I have done. There is plenty more of these pictures and historical context included in the book.

The Wurzburg Residenz is filled with intricate scagliola, especially in its chapel.                                   


The Magic of Scagliola
Author: David hayles