So you have decided to purchase my book. I never thought I would end up writing a book or being a technical writer. It has been quite a journey writing the magic of scagliola how to. Here are ways that you can purchase it. If you want to use paypal to pay, send the money to

Send an email to telling me how many copies you would like. I will then confirm the amount in a return email. Then you send me a cheque and I will send you the books.  (UK currency and cheque preferred in the UK, Dollars and US check for the USA.)

 My address is 306 Wilcox Road, Oxford, New York, 13830. Remember to send me your address in the email.

They are $90 american plus $10 shipping and handling. If it is somewhere very far away from the U.S.A. or U.K. it may cost slightly more for shipping.                                   


The Magic of Scagliola
Author: David hayles